Fastick Filler Revivo

Fastick Filler Revivo

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CA glue fillers

Fastick fillers are decorative fillers. They are used to fill cracks in wood with a contrasting effect. Fastick fillers are also used as an effect in epoxy. It is as fine as dust, allowing it to be applied in very small cracks or even in the pores of wood. When you drop CA glue (the thinnest variety CA5) on it, it hardens and looks like a solid filler. They come in small bottles that allow you to dock very precisely, so that the Fastick also ends up exactly where you want it to. As the different substances all have a different specific gravity, the bottles are also different in weight.


Roughly speaking, there are four different effects that can be achieved with Fastick fillers. colour, transparent, metallic and glow in the dark. The transcoat is fine white dust which becomes transparent as soon as you drop superglue on it. These are the available colours:

White 75 g
Black 75 g
White translucent 75 g
Transcoat 35 g
Silver 50 g
Gold 180 g
Iron 150 g
Bronze 180 g
Lemon yellow 60 g (glow in the dark)
Blue 60 g (glow in the dark)
Orange 60 g (glow in the dark)
Green-yellow 60 g (glow in the dark)

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black, Blue (glow in the dark), bronze, gold, green yellow (glow in the dark), iron, lemon yellow (glow in the dark), orange (glow in the dark), Silver, transparent, white, white transparent


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