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EEE-Ultrashine is a polishing agent that has been developed for use on the lathe in combination with the Shellawax products but also has many applications beyond. When used in combination with the Shellawax products, it not only gives a beautiful smooth surface but also saves a lot of abrasive work. The way of working is as follows:

  • Sand the workpiece to minimum grain 400

  • Apply some EEE-Ultrashine and barn again with grain 400.

  • After that the surface feels like there was sanded with Grain 2000!

  • Continue with one of the Shellawax (cream or liquid) products to get a beautiful, lasting sheen.

How does it work?

  1. The abrasive powder in the pasta sheds the tops of the barn scratches of grain 400 (or the finer grain you last used).

  2. During sanding is a mix of the EEE-Ultrashine ingredients and the made abrasive. This blend comes in the pores and fills the barn scratches. This is called the Puimen in traditional Poli tours.

  3. The workpiece starts to shine gently. If there are still scratches in the workpiece you can see them right away and there is still time to work them away.

  4. User manual.

    Download it here: User manual

Other applications.

  • Polishing of plastic lathes (e.g. pens). In that case, EEE-Ultrashine is the final finish and no additional treatment is needed.

  • Polishing (turn work of) leg.

  • Polishing (turn work of) stone.

  • Polishing shells.

  • Polishing various metals.

  • Polishing Tagua nuts.

  • Cleaning of all kinds of dirty plastics such as TRESPA, plastic windows, caravans, polyester, cuffs and the like.

  • Polishing varnish and other lacquer finishes.

  • Optimizing Politoer work.

For further information about this product, please visit the website of the manufacturer U-Beaut Enterprises


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