Shellawax Liquid 250ml

Shellawax Liquid 250ml


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In Short.

Shellawax Liquid is a so-called friction polish. Apply to the rotating work, rub it off at a rotating bench and the result is great! It is a mixture of shellac and carnauba that melts into the oppevlak of the workpiece by the friction heat. Very suitable for smaller pieces of work such as pins because the rotational speed of the lathe can be considerably screwed up to the benefit of the result. The shellac that is at the base of this product creates a hard-hitting durable finish. The finish is in the surface and does not lie like a lacquer on the surface. A super protection against water, alcohol and heat. It can be used immediately on the (super smooth sanded) surface but better it works if a sandingsealer is applied first. Moreover, it is also about most oil layers to apply, but first Test here… Shellawax liquid dries very quickly but reaches only after about 3 weeks its maximum hardness. After complete curing, the food is safe.

User manual.

Download it here: User manual

Shellawax is a “one go” finish product for use on the lathe. Fast and easy and instantly gives a beautiful sheen to the workpiece. It is used with the lathe turned on and forms as consequence of friction heat one whole with the wood. It dries during processing and can be dealt with hands to remove the weather from the lathe. After 3 weeks it is fully hardened. It creeps into the top layer of the wood and is therefore not on the wood as a coating. This makes this finish less susceptible to damage and looks nicer.

What does it consist of?

It is a combination of shellac and various species including Carnauba and beeswax. And can be used for the processing of twisted and carved wooden, plastic and stone in which the main application is the quick and beautiful finish of wood turning.

How do I use it?

For a nice finish you first sand to at least grain 320. For pens or other high-quality small work pieces would prefer even higher. Before using the cream or the liquid always shake well.

For pens and other small rotating work: moisten a small piece of a clean cloth with Shellawax and apply it directly to the workpiece while the lathe is turned on and the workpiece runs at the highest possible, safe speed. Press the cloth as firmly as possible against the workpiece and move the cloth over the workpiece as you do with sandpaper until the workpiece has gotten a brilliant sheen. For very dry wood or wood with coarse pores, it may be more pleasant to apply Shellawax while the lathe is standing still and then turning it on to proceed as described above.

For larger work: Turn the lathe quietly. Moisten a clean cloth with Shellawax and apply it directly to the workpiece in an even layer thickness. Turn the lathe on, moisten the cloth again and continue as described above, keeping a steady, even and especially sturdy pressure on the workpiece with the damp part of the cloth. It is this solid pressure that develops the frictional heat needed to make the glans fully to its right.

If you want to apply an extra layer, it can be immediately after applying the first layer. For an even deeper, more brilliant sheen, after applying the first layer, first lightly sands the surface with grain 1200 and then bring a second layer of Shellawax.

For scales, plates, vases, jars and the like

Turn the lathe quietly. Moisten a clean cloth with Shellawax and apply it directly to the workpiece in an even layer thickness. Turn the lathe on, moisten the cloth again with Shellawax and rub it firmly against the newly rubbed part of the workpiece as described above. Slowly work from the centre to the edge of the workpiece and keep enough pressure on the cloth so that there is continuous enough frictional warmth. Then one more time with a clean dry cloth over it and card!

A cream has been developed to finish the plates and scales, which generally have a slightly larger diameter. This cream is thicker and therefore easier to process on workpieces with a slightly larger diameter.

The different products in a row

Shellawax Liquid This liquid variation of this unique finisher is used for smaller workpieces, for carvings and to dilute Shellawax cream to the desired thickness.

Shellawax Cream the same product as Shellawax but then slightly thicker. The advantage of this cream is that it dries more slowly and less easily from the workpiece. Especially meant for larger rotation work.

EEE-Ultrashine The polishing agent specially developed for use in combination with the Shellawax products. Gives a beautiful smooth surface and saves barn work. If the workpiece is sanded to grain 400 and then EEE-Ultrashine is applied the surface looks like it is sanded to Grain 2000. Moreover, by using EEE Ultrashine, any imperfections are visible so that you have the opportunity to solve them before you apply the finished layer of Shellawax. Look here for more information about EEE-Ultrashine.

Liquid in combination with Cream

As you have read, the liquid is meant for smaller work while the cream generally works more pleasantly for a slightly larger work. For a little larger work, for example scaling more than 45 cm diameter, a combination of both products is recommended. Mix the liquid and cream in a ratio of approximately 50/50. This allows you to obtain a more liquid paste that stays longer on the surface and gives you some more time to edit the entire surface. The ratio can be adjusted to for example 20% cream and 80% liquid for (very) large scales of 90 cm or larger.

Shellawax liquid as thinner for Shellawax cream

Use Shellawax liquid as thinner for Shellawax cream. During use, the contents of the pot Shellawax cream will thicken slightly. Add a dash of Shellawax to give the cream the desired liquidity again. This extends the lifespan of the cream.

Questions about Shellawax:

Is it safe? Shellawax is safe after curing food.

Can Shellawax about oil?

Yes, that can be when the oil is well cured.  However, Shellawax has been developed to put on the wood at once. First, oil has no additional advantages.

Can Shellawax about stain?

Shellawax can be applied over a water-based stain.

More information!

You can find on the site of the producer Ubeat.  If after reading the instructions, do not read the troubleshooter. English)


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