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sealing wood.

Paraffin wax is a residual product from oil refining. Of course you can make candles with it, but I use it to seal the sides of the wet (or: not yet dry) wood with it. The granules go into a large pan that is electrically heated until it is liquid (50-60 degrees). The pieces of wood that need to be sealed are simply dipped. This prevents tearing and cracking as a result of drying. The advantage of paraffin wax above the use of a “Endsealer” is the speed at which you are sealing it. Moreover, you don’t have to clean brushes anymore! If the wood is dry and you are going to work it, you can easily cut it through with saw or chisel. Below a small impression of what it looks like… [Embed] v = CVbfw6AynXI [/embed]

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