Abranet 180

Abranet 180


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Abranet 180

Abranet 180 was a revolution in the automotive industry. It made it possible for the first time to shed dust free and there were no more problems with running sandpaper.  For the woodworkers it is also a very good way of sanding. It has a much longer stand-out period than the "ordinary" sandpaper and it performs particularly well when sanding wet wood and when sanding wood with a muddled structure like for example olive wood or carrot wood. Even the greasy olive wood abrasive is not a probleen for Abranet. The back of this abrasive material is velours, which makes it sticks well on sanding discs or abrasive blocks with velcro surfaces. The strips are 115 mm wide and are supplied per meter. Abranet is available in grits 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600 and 800


  • Producer:
  • Abrasive material: Aluminium oxide
  • Area: Open Multi Hole



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