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The buffing tree

Buffing is the easiest way to quickly and precisely apply an even thin layer of wax to the workpiece. The result is a nice soft shine that looks less plastic-like than lacquer.

After sanding to at least 320 grit you can start the buffing proces. Buffing goes in 3 steps. There are 3 different wheels; the first feels coarse, the second a little less and the third feels fine. The buffing tree is simply placed between the centers of the lathe. One side goes into the spindle with a Morse Taper 2 arbor (included) and on the other end you simply put the tailstockcenter against the buffing tree. Use the buffing wheels at around 1500 rpm. Wood that has already been finished with a layer of lacquer or a layer of oil can also improve enormously with a buffing run. Abrasives and wax are not included.


1 – use an abrasive and filler on the first (leftmost) wheel. (For example a brown stick tripoli pasta)

2 – then use a white ‘white’ diamond paste (a finer abrasive) on the middle wheel.

3 – use the washing stick on the rightmost wheel. This is a layer of wax applied with the finest wheel. A wash with carnauba in it works well. Make sure you don’t use too much!

Here you’ll find the sanding paste, polishing paste and Wax

Included is:
Buffing tree
MK2 arbor with M8 thread


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