Buffing, White diamond, Tripoli en Carnauba

Buffing, White diamond, Tripoli en Carnauba

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Many wood turners call it buffing. Polish with filler, sanding paste and carnauba wax. Buffing (polishing) takes place in three steps. 1 – Tripoli paste 2 – White diamond, 3 – Carnauba wax. Buffing on a lathe is easy. The products are applied on 3 different cotton discs. The discs rotate fast, you just have to hold your workpiece against it. (Hold it tight! :-)) Buffing has a number of advantages:

  • no unpleasant odors
  • beautiful natural shine
  • feels soft
  • no plastic appearance

Step 1 – Tripoli pasta

Tripoli paste is an abrasive and filler. Apply a little on the first fast spinning cotton wheel. Push the workpiece against it while moving. Work the entire surface in this way. The block of Tripoli pasta is brown, but you can hardly see it on light wood. When everything feels smooth go to step 2

Step 2 – White Diamond paste

White diamond paste is a much finer abrasive. In fact, this is where the polishing starts. The last scratches are polished away. On a second wheel that is only used for the white diamond. The processing is similar to the Tripoli pasta.

Step 3 – Carnauba wax

Carnauba wax is considered the queen of waxes. The hardest protection that a wash can give to your workpiece. Apply a bit to the third buffing wheel and get started as you did the previous two steps. Use only a little bit. If you use too much wax, you will get streaks in your work that you keep brushing ahead of you.

You can also use carnauba wax if your workpiece has already been finished. With an oil for example. By polishing it you can give it a nice soft shine that also feels very pleasant when you pick up the workpiece.

Polish wheels

There are 2 systems for polishing. From Chestnut there is the “Buffing Tree”.. Quick to set in the lathe and suitable for small workpieces. The other system is the Oneway “buffing kit”. More suitable for buffing dishes, for example.

Buffing. White diamond paste, Tripoli paste and Carnauba wax are used for buffing (polishing) a workpiece.

Voor het polijsten zijn er 2 systemen. Van Chestnut is er de “Buffing Tree”. Snel in de draaibank te zetten en geschikt voor kleine werkstukken. Het andere systeem is de “buffing kit” van Oneway. Meer geschikt om bijvoorbeeld schalen mee te buffen.


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Carnauba was, Tripoli pasta, Tripoli, White diamond, en Carnauba, White Diamond


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