Hampshire Sheen High Gloss

Hampshire Sheen High Gloss


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Hampshire Sheen High Gloss

Hampshire Sheen High Gloss is the most sold product of Hampshire Sheen. You could say that it is the improved version of Hampshire Sheen Original.  Due to the higher concentration of carnauba, the mixture is harder and stiffer than Original and the shine is, as the name suggests, a lot higher. The mixture of predominantly Carnauba wax and micro crystalline was brings a protective sparkling luster to the wood. The wax accentuates the wood structure and makes sure that the wood is insensitive to fingerprints and splash water. Original is easy to apply and comes in pots of 130 grams.

How to use.

Make sure your workpiece is neatly twisted and there are no pressure marks in the chisel. Sand your workpiece to minimum grain 240 If you use Yorkshire Grit abrasive paste. Make sure that the spores of the previous grain are sanded away. If necessary, use a sanding sealer to make the surface harder and smoother. And a scouring paste to get a smoother surface. If you do not use abrasive paste then be sure to grit 400. The smoother the surface the more beautiful the finish with High Gloss is. Use for a lower sheen Hampshire Sheen Original


Yorkshire Grit is often preparing for finishing with Hampshir Sheen.  In the film below, Martin Saban-Smith shows that again. [Embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = N8h3tu4GtyE [/embed]

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