Surfin Sanding Paste

Surfin Sanding Paste


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Surfin Abrasive Paste

Surfin abrasive paste is a blend of beeswax, candelila wax and carnauba wax with a diatomaceous earth scouring powder. The abrasive particles contained therein become increasingly smaller during sanding and therefore sand more and more finely. It is therefore a kind of liquid sandpaper that gradually gets a finer grain. You can use Surfin if you have sanded up to 320 grit. (Higher works better, but higher than 400 is really not necessary. When you’re done, the surface looks like it has been sanded with 1000 grit. All ingredients are mixed without solvents. Surfin gives is odorless and leaves no harmful traces Surfin can be used for sanding and finishing children’s toys, but also for fruit bowls, for example.

How to use.

Make sure that your workpiece is neatly turned and that there are no pressure marks from the chisel. Sand your workpiece to at least 320 grit. With each grit, make sure that the traces of the previous grit are sanded away. If necessary, use a sanding sealer to make the surface harder and smoother. When the sanding sealer has dried, apply Surfin with a piece of kitchen roll or a cloth on a stationary machine. Make circular movements with the cloth or kitchen roll so that the pores of the wood are also filled. When the entire surface has been smeared, start the bench at a low speed. (15 cm diameter approx. 500 RPM) Use the same cloth or paper towel and press firmly on the rotating workpiece. Gradually the speed can be increased. You can feel the paste sanding and you will feel that the abrasive grain becomes finer. Once you are happy with the surface, wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. When no more paste gets into the cloth, you are ready to apply a finishing layer in the form of an oil or wax or varnish.


Surfin can also be used as a final finishing coat. When you’re done with the scouring paste, don’t brush off all the wax, but leave it in place. The carnauba wax ensures that there is a hard wax layer on it. But of course you can also finish with e.g. Danish olie or improved woodoil or shellawax.

If it needs to be finished even finer

Then click here for Surfin X fine.

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