Sanding Sealer 500ml

Sanding Sealer 500ml


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What is sanding sealer?

Sanding Sealer is a shellac based product that helps in sanding, staining and in wax putting wood. Some wood fibres are so resilient that they do not loosen, but ' fold ' and end up in the pores of the wood. That's at first glance not to be seen, but when applying stain or paint they come up again. Consequence: a rough surface that feels or is fine sand. Sanding Sealer you use before or during sanding. It ensures that wood fibres suck, become hard and stand upright. If the sealer is hardened (after a few minutes) you shed these fibers very easily away. Better results in sanding, pickling and waxing or otherwise finish your wood.

Where can you use sanding sealer for?

  • To ensure a guaranteed smooth surface when sanding
  • To ensure that the stain is pulled evenly into the wood, so that no stains arise
  • To ensure that the wood or soft pieces are coloured evenly and not darkened than the rest of the surface (by applying the sanding sealer alone or in a larger dose on the inflated wood)
  • As a basis for a wax finish
  • As a substrate for a barn paste

NB: This sanding sealer is also possible to use as a pore filler but does not perform optimally.

How do you use sanding sealer?

Sand the surface to be edited. Apply the sanding sealer thinly with a clean, lint-free cloth. Let it dry for 10 minutes to an hour. The drying time depends on the type of wood, the amount of sanding sealer used and the weather conditions. Sanding as soon as the sanding sealer is dry you can sand the next grain. So if you have sanded to grain 320 and you then bring the Sandingsealer to you go further with grain 400. If the sandpaper is full, the sanding sealer is not dry yet. Pickling as soon as the sanding sealer is dry you can apply a water stain or a stain on oil base to color the surface. Note: Sanding sealer is not able to combine with a stain on alcohol base! Wash-Finish apply 2 to 3 layers of sanding sealer as described above and allow each layer to dry. Then apply the wax. Barn paste after the penultimate abrasive Grit 1 layer Sanding sealer to wait until it is dry. Sand with the following grit and sand further with the abrasive paste. Additional advice

  • Always try the sanding sealer on a small piece of (waste) wood to test the effect and practice it with application.
  • Do not use wool as a abrasive on bare wood.
  • This product is very flammable and contains ethanol. Keep the product far from open fire and ignition sources. Keep safe and out of the reach of children and contact a doctor directly if someone swallows the product.

  Here you can download the full manual.      


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