Woodoc Liquid Wax

Woodoc Liquid Wax

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Woodoc Liquid Wax is a special way of maintaining wood. It makes the wood clean and beautiful. It penetrates through any lacquer or wax-layers, nourishes the wood underneath and gives a soft sheen to the surface. There is very little need to keep the surface in a top condition. As a result, this furniture is also very inexpensive to use! Woodoc Liquid wax is only suitable for objects inside and is only suitable for maintenance of wood. Woodoc Liquid Wax is therefore not to be used as a finish (such as a lacquer or an oil).  Not harmful if the wax is dried once.


Maintenance of all furniture and woodwork inside.

  • Tables, Chairs
  • Wooden panels, cupboards
  • Wood turning and sculpture inside.


  • Nourishes the wood and cleans
  • Does not affect the underlying wax or coatings.
  • Not toxic if it is dry
  • Clear Finish
  • Accentuates wood Structure

Click here for the manual in English and here for the specifications.


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0.375 liter, 1 liter


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