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pro sander

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Simon Hope’s Pro Sander.

The Pro Sander is particularly suitable for sanding bowls and plates. No electricity needed, the wood drives the sanding pad. But it can also be used with longwood in the lathe. On the rotating sanding head is a Velcro top layer that holds the sandpaper in place. Works both with the VC 154 long-life sandpaper and with the Abranet.

The sanding discs are then easily cut from the sanding strips themselves. If you have several sanding heads, you can leave the different grains on the pad. Because they are magnetic, they can be changed very quickly.


Pro sander + hex key
Softex handle
1 x 36mm sanding bit + protective pad (for narrow openings)
1 x 47mm sanding bit + protective pad (for regular sanding)
1 x 72 mm sanding bit + protective pad (long shot, for larger work)
+ 3 x soft interface pads

in this video Simon tells you more about it:


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