Coffee grinder ‘Barista’ by CrushGrind

Coffee grinder ‘Barista’ by CrushGrind

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Coffee grinder ‘Barista’ by CrushGrind

With the Barista coffee grinder, grind your own coffee beans as finely as you like. With 35 grind settings, you can control the strength and bitterness. With the metal crank, grinding takes no effort. You design it yourself and Crushgrind grinds it for you. Crushgrind has over 25 years of experience in making grinds.

How it works

The conical shape of the grinder allows the coffee to be ground gradually. The advantage of this is that the coffee beans are not heated during grinding and therefore do not lose aroma. The grinding degree of the coffee can be adjusted with the knurled screw at the bottom of the grinder. With this grinder, you have 35 settings between very fine to coarse. Depending on the grind level, the flavour and bitterness of the coffee can be adjusted. The long crank can be ordered separately, but you can also make it yourself, of course.

The construction

Take a piece of wood of about 75 x 75 mm and drill a hole there with the diameters indicated in the assembly drawing (click here). The hexagonal rod (spanner 6) fits through a 14 mm opening. Thanks to the mounting ring, you can easily slide the grinder into the wood. Always make the holes in the wood first and make sure the grinding gear fits in properly, but don’t place it yet. Then use these holes to centre it properly and then make the shape on the outside. You can then be sure that the holes are neatly centred in the coffee grinder.


This is only the inner part. The crank is available separately. click here.
Please note: The cranks of the grinding gear Barista and Coffee are not interchangeable.

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