MakeEdge Pop-out

MakeEdge Pop-out

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MakeEdge Pop-Out

With this MakeEdge Pop-Out from Crushgrind, you’ll never have blunt knives again. With its handy, minimalist design, this sharpener fits into almost any design. The sharpener is designed to give knives another sharp edge for a while. You drill a hole in the workpiece where you want the sharpener and glue it in.

Razor-sharp again in 3 strokes!

When you press the button, the cylinder opens and you can immediately use it to sharpen your knives. To get your knife sharp again, just run it through the Pop-Out 2 or 3 times and it will be sharp again. Inside the Pop-Out are sharpening stones that press against the knife on both sides. This knife sharpener is suitable for both smooth knives and serrated knives.

How it works

The hole into which the cylinder fits is 38mm in diameter. With an overall depth of 11cm. The cylinder says ‘UP’ this side should obviously come out at the top. You can open the round push button by half a turn so you can flip the sharpening mechanism. This way it will last even longer! In the link you will find a schematic drawing of the assembly and the video from CrushGrind shows how the MakeEdge opens.


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