Wooden handle in european beech

Wooden handle in european beech

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wooden handle

A good tool handle is made of wood. Especially when it comes to woodturning tools. These handles are made from European beech. . There are 3 sizes available, 45, 25 and 20 cm long. At the thickest point they are 45, 40 and 38 cm in diameter respectively. The handles have a 14 mm wide galvanized steel ring on the front end that ensures that the wood does not split and the chisel remains firmly in place. They have a centered, pre-drilled 10mm hole. This is useful because this hole serves as a guide for any larger drills. Then you know for sure that your drill goes straight into the handle…


The handles are sanded to grit 180. They are therefore not mirror-smooth. You can choose whether you want to paint them or maybe just put a layer of oil on them. Many woodturners do nothing on it at all. So that a patina develops over the years through use. It’s helpful to make your chisel handles all look different. That way you can easily and quickly recognize them in the chisel rack.

To assemble

To mount a chisel in the handle, proceed as follows. Measure the diameter of the steel of the chisel. Get a drill a bit smaller. E.g. a 16 mm bowl gouge gets a 15.5 mm hole. (Or drill a 15 mm hole and then go back and forth with the drill a few more times…) Make a chamfer on the piece of the chisel that goes into the handle. Place the chisel in a vice and tap the handle to the chisel with a mallet with a few firm taps. Glue or epoxy is not necessary. If the steel is 45 to 50 mm in the handle, it is sufficient. If the chisel has an tang, drill the hole in 2 or 3 different diameters so that the eagle clamps in a number of places…


Choose the correct size in the pull down menu.

lengte diameter max ring diameter min gat diepte gat
450 45 mm 28 35 mm 10 mm 50 mm
250 38 mm 22 30 mm 10 mm 50 mm
200 30 mm 22 28 mm 10 mm 50 mm


Additional information


10 inch (25 cm), 17,5 inch (45 cm)



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