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CARP roughing gouge 28 mm S series

A CARP roughing gouge 28 mm S-series, is made to quickly round longitudinal wood. The chisel has a grinding angle of about 45 degrees and is heavy. This is fine, because this way the chisel is able to absorb the blows of square wood well. The chisel has a 12 mm round eagle for mounting in a (changeable) handle. This makes the chisel much less likely to break off if there is a mistake than an ordinary forged chisel with a flat eagle. And the chisel fits tightly to the handle with a 28 mm diameter surface. This also gives extra support and stability. This 28 mm version is useful for people working on a small bench like a Midi 2… A heavier version of this chisel is also available, click here for the 32 mm version.

A handle for a woodturning chisel is sometimes long and sometimes short. Depending on the function of the chisel. A scale gouge or roughing gouge needs a long handle, a profile gouge needs to be manoeuvrable and so a short handle is useful. Furthermore, it is useful to easily recognise the handles when they are hanging in the rack. For the rub-off gouge, I like a long handle. you can then clamp it against your body. Find handles here. A changeable handle is often handy, you can find them here.

CARP chisels
Carp chisels are made of hardened HSS M2 steel. They are forged and/or milled, then hardened to 63-64 HRC, then ground and polished.

S series
CARP chisels from the S series are milled from HSS M2 steel. They are no longer forged. Forging hammers change the structure of the steel, milling does not. Milling chisels gives the manufacturer better control over the quality of the end result. Many US chisel manufacturers (Thompson, Robust, Carter & Son) no longer forge chisels at all. They only mill. The S series comes without a handle. So you can choose the length of your handle, or make your own. Or you can opt for a changeable handle.

How good a chisel is depends largely on the hardness and toughness of the steel. So a lot of thought goes into hardening chisels. This is a lengthy process. It starts with heating the steel. This is done in absolute vacuum. Then the chisels are hardened in 3 steps, before undergoing another process of heating and cooling. Here, temperatures of up to -185 degrees are reached (in liquid nitrogen). Quality is strictly monitored. Between 5 and 10% of each batch of chisels is tested for hardness and toughness.


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