Quick release handle in european beech

Quick release handle in european beech


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wooden handle

A good tool handle is made of wood. Especially when it comes to woodturning tools. These quick release handles are made from European beech. . There are 2 sizes available, 45, 25 cm long. At the thickest point they are 45, 40 and 38 cm in diameter respectively. The handles have a ER 25 collet jaw head. The moveable ring is knurled for a better grip. The Collets are not included. Collets to fit your tools in the handle you will find here.


The handles are sanded to grit 180. They are therefore not mirror-smooth. You can choose whether you want to paint them or maybe just put a layer of oil on them. Many woodturners do nothing on it at all. So that a patina develops over the years through use. It’s helpful to make your chisel handles all look different. That way you can easily and quickly recognize them in the tool rack.


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10 inch (25 cm), 17,5 inch (45 cm)


10-9 mm, 11-10 mm, 12-11 mm, 13-12 mm, 14-13 mm, 15-14 mm, 16-15 mm, 17-16 mm, 18-17 mm, 19-18 mm, 5-4 mm, 6-5 mm, 7-6 mm, 8-7 mm, 9-8 mm


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