Hollow form reverse jig XL

Hollow form reverse jig XL


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To turn the base off of your vase or hollow form, this handy turning tool is now available. With this you can easily turn hollow shapes on the lathe. One side of the jig is a Morse taper 2 that fits  most lathespindles. Then you take your workpiece and slide it over the attachment. Use your tailstock to push the hollow shape centered against the reversing attachment. Then use the sliding wooden “cone” to center the workpiece on the side of the spindle stock. With an Allen screw you fix the adjusting ring on the 20 mm thick rod. A slightly flexible “pad” with an M6 thread is mounted on the front of the attachment. You can turn this pad or sanding pad off and use it as a sanding disc. Elsewhere on this site you will find it as a sanding pad ... That is why the shaft for these sanding pads (or backing pads) is also included.

Sturdy and stable

The rod is turned from a piece of steel that is harder and stiffer than the usual types of steel. The Morse taper and the rod are made in one piece, which gives a minimal deviation on the total length of no less than 53 cm.


bar thickness 20 mm
total length 53 cm
useful length (max. depth of the mold) 46 cm
pad 50 mm
morse cone 2


rod 20 mm diameter 500 mm long
sanding pad 50 mm with shaft
hexagon wrench 5 mm
Adjusting ring
shaft for sanding pad
wooden conical fitting piece


If you make a few larger funnel-shaped pieces from wood yourself, you can also handle workpieces with a larger opening. Then use the turned supplied adjusting ring to fix the homemade …








Place the reversing tool in the headstock.

Slide your workpiece over the reversal attachment. Tighten it and center with the tailstock.











Then slide the conical wooden block into the opening and secure it with the adjusting ring.

And finish the bottom of your workpiece …


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