Sharpening jig Tormek SVD 186R

Sharpening jig Tormek SVD 186R


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With the sharpening aid SVD 186R of Tormek, keep your tools in top condition. Every time the chisel is sharpened with the tool, an exact copy of the previous sharpening aisle is made. The result is a razor-sharp chisel with minimal material decrease. Every time you make the chisel sharp with the same profile and the same sharpening angle. This way your chisels will last much longer!

Super Sharp!

This grinding tool is made to use with Tormek machines. The grained stone provides a super sharp cut. This can be on the water-cooled stone of Tormek but also with a CBN wheel. But the sharpening aid is also fine to use on another grinding machine.

Time saving.

To put your chisel in the SVD 186, sharpen it and take it out again now takes less than a minute. In less than a minute you will have a razor-sharp chisel with virtually no material decrease. Your chisels will take years.

SVD-186 on another grinding machine.

If you want to change the profile of your chisel, it takes a Tormek very long… Then assemble the 100 with a different grinding machine. And you have the same precision but it goes a lot faster! Make sure you do not burn the sharpness of the cut.  With the TTS-100, you make sure that the rod to which the SVD 186 hangs is exactly the same distance to the stone each time. If you can use the SVD 186 on both the Tormek and a grinding machine that takes up more material, you always have the perfect control over your grinding tool! This movie still uses the SVD 185. Now only the SVD 186 is created. [Embed] v = V7V4bjePKkM [/embed] In This movie The differences are described between the SVD 185 and the new SVD 186. Https://

What is the difference between the SVD-186 and the SVD-185?

SVD-186 has been developed from the SVD 185. The clamp disk has been improved (1) and there is a “click” come between the different positions of the head (3).  The lower conductor (4) has become shorter so that the sharpening aid works better. Furthermore, the SVD 186 chisels can reach a width of 36 mm. At the SVD 185 was that up to 25 mm. SVD-186 Tool width SVD-186 setting SVD-186 Sleeve

Everything under control.

If you are using the TTS 100, the The 100 and the SVD 186 you have complete control of every grinding machine. The TTS 100 is used to determine the distance from the US 105 to the grinding wheel. The 100 is mounted under each grinding machine. The SVD 186 hangs on the US 105. This combination is as a set for sale. [Gallery columns = “5” ids = “1573, 1572, 1571”]


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