Wolverine Grinding Tool Skew (flat chisel)

Wolverine Grinding Tool Skew (flat chisel)


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The ' Wolverine ' grinding tool of Oneway is probably the most common tool for sharpening wood woodturning. The system is very sturdy and precise and it fits under every grinding machine. With this extension, the grinding of the flat chisels is a pleasure! One of the reasons that the flat chisel leaves such a beautiful surface is the small corner of the cut. The sharpening of this cut is a precision work and can easily go wrong. With this help piece no more! Mounted on the arm of the Wolverine grinding system of Oneway allows for a fixed offset of the flat chisel and sharpen you every time exactly the same angle!   For sharpening (fingernail) scaling, there are optional 2 more fittings available. The Vari-Gravel and the vari-grind large.


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