Robert Sorby Pro Edge DeLuxe

Robert Sorby Pro Edge DeLuxe


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The Pro Edge Deluxe Linisher.

This linisher machine by Robert Sorby from Sheffield England is called the Proedge. This grinding machine grinds with abrasive belt. Robert Sorbys chisels and gouges are all cut on large belt sanders in their own factory. That brought them to the idea to also make a version of these machines that can be used at home or in a small workshop. They succeeded. A super-compact belt sander! The big difference with grinding on a round stone is that the bevel of your tool is always straight. (Grinding on a round stone yields a  slightly concave bevel). There is well thought about this machine. Because you can put the belt in various different positions there is always a comfortable working posture. This machine comes standard with 3 extra “jigs” which are especially useful for wood turners and sculptors.

Industrial quality.

With the Proedge DeLuxe, you effortlessly sharpen the same profile on your tool every time.  A flexible machine of industrial quality, built to last a lifetime. The Proedge DeLuxe makes a flat bevel to your tool. Some wood turners/carvers prefer that above the hollow bevel that comes from a grinding stone. This makes the machine perfectly suitable for sharpening drills, knives or gardening tools. Wood turners and carvers use jigs to sharpen their tools. With the accessories that come with the “DeLuxe” version, they are almost all sharpened. So also the fingernail gouge! View the Manual Proedge_sharpening_system


Two useful optional attachments for the Pro Edge are:

1 – the long grind jig. To make long fingernails on the scale gouge.

2 – The angle set. To be able to make the right setting every time. v = Sl96gRoyqqE


  • Proedge DeLuxe (240v)
  • Aluminium Oxide 120 (PE120A) sanding belt.
  • Zirconium 60 (PE60Z) sanding belt.
  • Skew Jig (PESKEW)
  • Standard Gouge Jig (PEVB)
  • Fingernail Profiler (446/447UPG)


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