Pro sander head only

Pro sander head only


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Head Only

The Pro Sander Head Only is the most important part of the pro sander. The part where the sanding pad goes in. A small bearing with a magnetic bottom. It is often used at the long handle of the pro sander.

About the Pro Sander

The Pro Sander is particularly suitable for sanding bowls and plates. No electricity needed, the wood drives the sanding pad. But it is also great for longitudinal wood in the lathe. On the rotating sanding heads is a Velcro top layer that keeps the sandpaper in place. There are ready-to-use sanding pads for sale, per 10 or per 50. If you have several sanding heads, you can leave the different grains on the pad. As they are magnetic, they are super quick to change.

In this video, Simon himself talks more about the Pro Sander:

Spare sanding pads

There are spare sanding pads for sale for the Pro Sander. You can find them here.


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