Activator for CA glue (200ml)

Activator for CA glue (200ml)


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Activator accelerates the curing of superglue or CA glue. The use of an activator also makes the use of CA glue more versatile. For example, it is now possible to glue porous materials. Gravel, chipboard or rotten spots in wood. No clamping of the parts to be glued is necessary.


This product is used in several ways in combination with CA glue: for bonding (porous) materials and for filling holes.


  • Apply the CA glue to the surface (dry, grease and dust free). Use the most porous surface.
  • Spray the activator on the least porous surface.
  • Combine and let it harden for a few seconds.

filling of holes:

  • Fill the hole with your dry filler. (gravel, sawdust, etc.)
  • Saturate your filler with CA glue.
  • Spray the Aktivator over the filler from a distance. Repeat this process in layers for deeper holes.
  • After curing you can sand or polish


The activator is in a 200 ml spray can. The content has an almost unlimited shelf life. I have a handy tool for working with aerosols.


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