hollow form reversing tool

hollow form reversing tool


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To turn the base of your vase or hollow shape, this handy tool is now available. This allows you to easily reverse hollow shapes on the lathe. One side of the jig is a Morse Taper 2 that fits in most lathe spindles. Then you take your workpiece and slide it over the jig. Use your tailstock to push the hollow form centered against the attachment. Then use the sliding cone to center the workpiece on the side of the spindle stock. The socket screw in the cone has a bronze tip and will not damage the 19 mm thick rod.


rod thickness 19 mm
total length 49.5 cm
useful length (max. depth of the mold) 38 cm
pad 30 mm


If you make a few larger cone-shaped pieces of wood yourself, you can also handle workpieces with a larger opening. Then use the supplied cone in reverse to secure the homemade one …



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