American Walnut

American Walnut

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American Walnut

American walnut has a warm dark brown colour. The sapwood is whitish and the heartwood is dark. Sometimes there is a transitional edge between sapwood and heartwood, which is slightly lighter in colour than the heartwood. Due to the dark lines in the wood, the flame markings are clearly visible. The place of origin partly determines the colour of the wood. European walnut from the Netherlands, Germany and Austria often has a grey colour tone in the wood, while Turkish, Caucasian and Iranian walnut can be even slightly darker than American walnut. This walnut wood can have an almost purplish glow.

These square pieces of walnut are the first planks cut from the tree (dosse). You will therefore find the most beautiful flames in these pieces. The wood is kiln-dried and therefore reasonably stable. (Kiln-dried wood works less than wind-dried wood). It can be turned particularly well and sanded and finished very finely.

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Wood is a natural product and every piece of wood is different. The wood in the picture is meant as an example and will never be exactly the same as the piece sent. Wood can sometimes have a small crack or an old wormhole. The wood is sealed with paraffin.

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