Woodcut bowlsaver Max 3 (30mm)

Woodcut bowlsaver Max 3 (30mm)


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The Woodcut bowl saverhas been improved and expanded; The Max 3.  The new version has 3 knives that are made of cast iron. Knife 1 sticks from 75 mm to 180 mm knife 2 sticks from 200 mm to 300 mm knife 3 sticks from 320 mm to 450 mm the points of the knives are made of stellite and are stuck on the knives. According to Woodcut, they go up to 500 bowls (depending on the wood type of course), but I have not yet been able to determine that. The blades can be kept sharp with a diamond file. If you have worn the knives, Woodcut offers a unique knife-exchange service.

Why a Bowl saver?

A  bowlsaver you use to extract multiple bowls from one piece of wood. So you no longer have to turn the entire inside of a bowl into shavings. From the old system of Woodcut there have been many thousands sold over the past 20 years. The new system is also mounted back into the chisel support and in the tailstock. The system is built up there while you can easily change the 3 knives. The knives are pressed into the wood with a sturdy handle. The whole system is both sideways and over the length of the bed to move. This will affect the size and depth of the scale. The woodcut Max 3 can be mounted on virtually every lathe. However, you will need at least 1.5 kw of engine power to work fine. There is also a Woodcut Max 3 bowl saver for a chisel tool rest with a 1 inch post.


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