Oneway "The Termite" XL

Oneway "The Termite" XL


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The unsurpassed chisel for hollow, finish and Dundraaien. A ' must ' in everyone's collection tools.

The termite XL is really just the old ring chisel reinvented. With the Termite XL, you can erode more beautifully, neatly and deeper into the wood. And an exercised screwdriver will be able to make the most beautiful finishes! If the Termite XL is removed from the box, a handle must be turned on first. The XL standard consists only of a shaft (40.5 cm long and 16 mm thick). The ring chisel itself can be ordered separately. There is a choice of 3 ring chisels of about 5, 10 and 15 mm diameter. The ring is made of HSS. They are secured with a imbusboutje in the rigid steel holder, which must be mounted back into a handle. You can of course run it yourself or purchase it. The ring is cut on 2 sides. The flat side that can be rotated on the bottom of the workpiece and the slightly tapered side, which can be used to rotate along the object's wall. The Oneway Termite is a popular piece of tools in France. This is particularly because Jean-François Escoulen uses the chisel on his houtdraaischool. One of the good things about the Termite is the optional sharpening. Keep it sharp! There is good thought over at Oneway. What is annoying with a ring chisel? Sharpening!  Well not at the Termite! I myself am a supporter of sharpening before a chisel bone becomes. The grinding kit consists of a metal block (serves as the holder of the ring when sharpening) and a point-shaped grinding stone. This can be in the (column) drilling machine or router and in no time the chisel is super sharp again.    

Also available is a Borazon grinding pin. It will last up to 100 times longer and never need to be cleaned.

Furthermore there is another #3 bit. For the fast and coarser work.

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