Clamping Plate 10 cm cast iron

Clamping Plate 10 cm cast iron


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Cast iron clamping plate 10 cm.


4 inch Faceplate

The oneway clamping plates are made of gietrijzer, stainless steel or carbon steel. The used cast iron in this clamping plate is of high quality, this will cause imbalance to occur less quickly. The clamping plates are very strong. By default, the chucks are all M33 x 3. But there are also other threads available. Please indicate this clearly when ordering. A different thread from the table below will cost nothing extra.       There are 5 sizes available:

  • 8 cm (carbon steel and RVS)
  • 10 cm (carbon steel)
  • 15 cm (cast iron)
  • 20 cm (cast iron)
  • 25 cm (cast iron)

Clamping Plate 10 cm

This 10 cm clamping plate is, like the 8 cm clamping plate, made from a solid piece of carbon iron. Then they got a powder coating to protect them from rust. There are 8 holes in which the workpiece can be properly fixed.

Additional information

Screwthreat chuck

1 – 8 TPI, 1¼ – 8 TPI, ¾ – 16 TPI, 5/8 – Plain, M33 x 3.5


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