Easy Core Base Plate

Easy Core Base Plate


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The Easy core base plate.

The Easy Core base plate is the base of the system. A heavy solid construction. The plate is mounted on the lathe and the knife and the chisel support (to be ordered separately) turn in here. A base plate fits almost any bank. The base plate is in a number of heights. There are several clamp blocks available to mount the base plate on your lathe. Oneway's Easy-core system is a unique method for extracting more scales from the same piece of wood. It is fast, adequate and safe. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_ZA2zB6kj4

Why the Oneway scales are cutting.

  •  It saves time. Scaling stitches goes faster than eroding with a scaling guts.
  • It saves energy. It also costs you less energy than to erode with a scaling guts.
  • It saves wood. Instead of 1 scale you can now get 5 or 6 scales from the same piece of wood.
  • It saves curls. A large scale eroding gives you a few garbage bags full of curls on it. Working with the scales plugs gives you a shopping bag with curls.
  • Low vibration. The knife of the scales cutter always supports the curved chisel support.
  • Because the path of the knife is defined, the knife can be in and out as many times as you like. This is often useful to unload the wood curls.
  • The shape of the chisel makes sure that there are virtually no ' hackers '.
  • multiple shapes possible. (with a large knife a flat dish can be lit)

 Knives at the Easy Core base plate.

The Oneway scales plug has a base, 4 blades and 4 curved chisel brackets. The largest has a maximum diameter of about 44 cm. That means that the scale will have an inner diameter of approximately 44 cm.  The smallest gives a diameter of about 20 cm. (but smaller can also still) The system fits almost any lathe with a center height between 20 and 32 cm. Requirements are that the bed of the lathe is flat and the engine at least 1 KW (1.5 hp). The Easy Core has a replaceable ' cutter ' made of HSS CPM M4. If you choose: "Complete set" please indicate what clamp block you want and what the center height of your lathe is. For the knives or the complete set click here.

More information?

Make an appointment with Ronald kanne to see the system in operation. Click here.   16 "Base-center height 20 cm-order number 3203-price €198,–18" Base-center height 23 cm-order number 4085-Price €198,–(Stratos FU230) 20 "base-center height 25 cm-order number 3207-Price €198,–24" Base-center height 30 cm-order number 3211- Price €198,–26 "Base-center height 33 cm-order number 3212-Price €198,–

Clamp block.

To ensure a good attachment of the base on the lathe you need a good clamp block. A good clamp block is different per lathe. Therefore, use the space between the Bedbanen to choose your clamp block. You can find the right clamp block here.

W = distance between the bed-this is the size of the space between the Bedbanen. L = The maximum clamp surface, need not be passed the right clamp block you find here.

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10 inch (25 cm), 20 cm., 23 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, 33 cm, 25 cm


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