Koch sharpening paste blue

Koch sharpening paste blue


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Koch sharpening paste / grinding paste

Koch sharpening and honing paste, for fine sharpening of chisels and knives. The grit is 3500. In combination with the felt discs it works really great! An astonishing result in no time. This polishing paste has good cooling properties so that tools made of tool steel can also be sharpened quickly without overheating.

You can remove the burr that arises during sharpening with this paste that is used, among other things, on the felt discs of the Koch grinding machines. With 1 kilo of paste you can sharpen about 3000 times.

There is also a grinding paste grit 2500 (green)

In use

The sharpening paste is used in combination with felt discs mounted on a motor. Like with the Koch grinding and sharpening machine. It goes super fast and the result is amazing. I wouldn’t believe that you can “polish” away grinding marks with 80 grit polishing paste. But it is, and it happens with unprecedented speed and ease! The felt discs are made of special felt, different in hardness and enriched with aluminum oxide. Soft felt discs for fast material removal and hard felt discs for even polishing. (The yellow disc is for round profiles and the green for straight, for example chisels.)


In the video below, the Koch HT 4004 is compared with the Sorby Pro Edge, the bench grinder with CBN wheel and the Tormek T8.



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