Hope Box scrapers, negative rake

Hope Box scrapers, negative rake

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Box Scraper

These box scrapers are negative angle scrapers (negative rake) and made to finish your workpiece or add the finishing touches to the shape. These Hope box scrapers are very heavy and therefore suffer little vibration. With these chisels, you scrape with the burr that you grind on the steel. That steel is hardened M42 steel. The chisel holder is 20 mm wide, as much as 10 mm thick and 26.5 cm long. The part that goes into the handle is 10 mm in diameter. With that, it actually fits any standard handle. But you can of course make one yourself!


The chisels are most often used to finish boxes. The square can provides a nice sharp angle on the inside of the box and scrapes on the front and left side of the blade. As the chisels have a negative angle ground, they can simply be laid horizontally on the chisel rest. The square scraper is 25 mm wide and the round one 25 mm in diameter.


As mentioned, you sharpen with the burr on the scrapers. You can put that burr on with a diamond file. A coarse diamond file. e.g. grit 300. And occasionally you have to go to the grinder. The round scraper comes with an attachment, so you can sharpen it on your grinder using a drill or cordless screwdriver.

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