Friction polish

Friction polish


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This friction polish is based on shellac. It gives a beautiful natural high gloss. It is ideal for finishing smaller items on the lathe.

In addition to the high gloss, the shellac also ensures the sealing of the wood. It can be applied to the wood in one go. No primers need to be applied, but it is of course allowed.


A nice glossy surface is not only due to the friction polish. It starts with turning without turning marks and sanding to at least 400 grit. The use of a sanding sealer is also recommended. Friction polish is popular as a finishing product for wood turners. Logical, it is applied quickly and easily, so you have a beautiful result very quickly. Use it on smaller items. A 20 cm dish will work but as the workpiece becomes larger, it is difficult to connect the different layers without traces.


Apply the frition polish with a cloth or kitchen paper on a stationary lathe. Then rub it out with a slowly rotating bench and then polish at a higher speed until there is frictional heat. Your fingers get hot, then it goes well. The shellac melts in the surface. The bottle contains 500 ml.



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