CARP Spindel gouge 13 mm (without handle)

CARP Spindel gouge 13 mm (without handle)


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CARP Spindel gouge 13 mm (without handle)

This spindel gouge is made of hardened HSS M2 Steel. The flute is milled from a 13 mm thick piece of round steel. The way these chisels are hardened ensures that you can sharpen them razor-sharp. You use the spindel gouge to make nice curves in your spindle work. A spindel gouge is also called detail gouge, profile gouge or shape gouge.


We have made a changeable handle for Carp’s S Series. In 2 lengths. Super handy! You can find them here.  A handle for a woodturning chisel is sometimes long and sometimes short. Depending on the function of the chisel. A bowl gouge or rub-off gouge needs a long handle, a spindel gouge needs to be manoeuvrable, so a short handle is handy. Furthermore, it is useful to easily recognise the handles when they are hanging in the rack. For the push-off chisel, you don’t need a long handle. Here you will also find handles

CARP chisels

Carp’s chisels are made of hardened HSS M2 steel. They are forged and/or milled, then hardened to 63-64 HRC, then ground and polished.


How good a chisel is depends largely on the hardness and toughness of the steel. So a lot of attention is given to hardening chisels. This is a lengthy process. It starts with heating the steel. This is done in absolute vacuum. Then the chisels are hardened in 3 steps, before undergoing another process of heating and cooling. Here, temperatures of up to -185 degrees are reached (in liquid nitrogen). Quality is strictly monitored. Between 5 and 10% of each batch of chisels is tested for hardness and toughness.


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