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marking gauge for very precise marking

The old-fashioned wooden marking gauge but new and improved. The scribes have been replaced by a razor-sharp round blade made of Tungsten Carbide. So you cut your marking line into the wood instead of scratching it. This has the advantage, among other things, that you are less bothered by the grain direction of the wood, the round cutting wheel cuts the wood fibers both in the longitudinal direction and across the wood neatly and without any problems. The blade is wafer-thin and razor-sharp. Your marking lines are therefore much thinner and more precise than if you made them with a pencil the wooden marking gauge. Both the blade and the stop are round. So it doesn’t matter how you press it against the wood. There is a millimeter scale on the steel pin. There is a knob to fix the distance and one for fine adjustment. The blades have an extremely long service life, but if you ever need to replace them, that is of course possible. A handy tool for this is included. When you store the cross steel, it falls into a recess in the brass stop. Then you can’t hurt yourself anymore.

Cross steel in use

This marking gauge is a great tool to mark the same dimensions on wood very precisely, every time. You use it, for example, when making mortise and tenon joints and half-timber connections. You can also use the marking gauge to measure depths and heights so that you can easily write off a new product. I use the gauge to cut 4 lines in the end of my turning wood. To determine the center very precisely.


  • 150 mm marking depth
  • 10 mm round tungsten carbide marking wheel
  • delivered in beech wooden storage


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