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Center finder

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center finder

This Center Finder has a diameter of 300 mm or 200 mm and is very user-friendly.

These Center Finders are made from a disc of clear molded Perspex and have pencil holes every inch from the center. Very easy to use. And after use, you can hang it on the wall again. Once you’ve found the center of your wood, you can spin the wheel to mark the desired outline. All markings are etched into the perspex so they won’t rub off or wear off.


There is a marking hole every 10 mm from the center. There are lines to divide the circle into thirds or quarters and the degrees (from 0 to 360) are written on it. Available with a diameter of 30 and 20 cm. Choose which size you want in the pull-down menu.

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20 cm (7 3/4 inch), 30 cm (12 inch)


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