Caliper MIB Werkzeuge

Caliper MIB Werkzeuge


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A wood turner cannot do without it. To measure the inside diameter or the outside diameter. This caliper from the German MIB Messzeuge does what it should do. Measure precisely. Solidly made of stainless steel. With a bolt to secure the jaws. 150x40mm. You can read both centimeters and inches on the easy-to-read numbers. The caliper comes in a case.

Why this caliper?

You can buy calipers in all kinds of price ranges. Plastic calipers from less than 2 euros to fancy calipers with extremely high precision that cost over 200 euros. Why this one? Well, because it is analog, so the precision does not depend on the battery voltage. Moreover, the battery of digital calipers is always empty when you need it. The $2 plastic version is junk and the $200 caliper has much higher precision than necessary. After all, wood is not an exact material. If something is 104mm today, it could be 105mm tomorrow. Hence this…



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