Tormek T8 with CBN wheel

Tormek T8 with CBN wheel


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The Tormek T8.

The Tormek T8 is a heavy duty, professional, slowly running grinding machine. There is a huge range of fittings available so that virtually everything can be cut perfectly with this machine. Bearing, construction and the quality of the engine make it possible for the machine to work every day for 25 years. So if you don’t grind every day it’s an investment for life.


Compared to the T7, the T8 has been improved on a number of points. The house is no longer made of bent iron but cast! This has eliminated the latest vibration and play. The fastening points for the universal grinding Hulpstukkenarm are also included in the frame. The housing has been made more closed. Another improvement is the water. Many people found exchanging the water irritating. Now there is a kind of “lift” that makes swapping very easy.


I’ve been selling CBN grinding wheels for some time and am very excited about that. I do all the maintenance sharpening on a Tormek with a CBN wheel with a very fine sprinkling of CBN. This makes the mess with water redundant every day and also the surfaces of the stone is definitively past time! (Click here for more info on CBN wheels) The fold of your chisel can be used as a mirror to shave!
Note: An adapter is included with the CBN wheel. The passing of this adapter can be very tight. If necessary, use a lubricant to slide the adapter over the axle.  Should you find it necessary to use sandpaper then sand with a grain that is not coarser than 320 and only on the inside of the adapter. Although the water is no longer needed (a CBN wheel does not need it), the bucket is still left. When you put a magnet underneath the bucket, the water acts as a hopper for the sharps.
Grinding with a Tormek T8. Chisels can be sharpened in many ways. Often this is a time-consuming job that requires a lot of routine. The Tormek-grinding system has for everything you want to sharpen a “jig”.  Handy fittings Make sure that a fold can be reproduced perfectly every time. After grinding, polish the leather sling and the chisel (or knife, or guts) is razor sharp again! To use the leather sling you can use the universal grinding hulpstukkenarm for the exact same angle. However, I always do it from the free hand. The Tormek T8 with CBN wheel comes standard with the TTS 100. This tool ensures that the grinding fittings guide is always positioned exactly.  To use in 2 positions versus The CBN wheel and in 2 positions compared The leather sling.

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280 grit, 500 grit


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