Irons shear scraper

Irons shear scraper


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The Irons Shear Scraper is designed by Phil Irons. Phil is known for his coloured and natural hollow forms. This scraper has two purposes, the first is to refine the shapes, the fine burr allows him to move lightly across the surface with fine shavings floating off the edge of the tool. The second is to create as uniform a surface as possible, free from compression rings and torn grain, this is very important when colouring as compressed fibres don’t absorb the stain and torn grain takes too much. The design is simple, a bar that will hardly vibrate and a hardened piece of HSS with a burr on it. It is a finishing tool. The shavings are swirling through the air in very light, small strands. While using the scraper you must constantly ensure that the burr remains. Use a fine diamond file for this that you move upwards along each edge.


This shear scraper is quite large, 40 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick, held with a cap head screw and large spring washer allowing the cutter to be rotated without using an Allen key. The edges of the scraper have a slight curve, because the scraper has 3 sides to work with, when the burr is gone on one side, and you don’t feel like sharpening it, turn the scraper and continue. Scraperblades can be re-ground on a grinder. Then use this attachment, for example.


  • finishing the exterior of hollow forms and bowls.
  • reduces the time needed for sanding
  • scraper is 40 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick
  • 3 x a sharp edge due to rotation of the scraper
  • 300 mm long 16 mm thick rod can be used without a handle.



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