relief cutter for use with thread chasers

relief cutter for use with thread chasers


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thread chasing in wood

One of the most fun things to do is to chase threads into wood. Someone who is a master at this is Jan Hovens. He makes these chisels in-house. They are consistently high in quality. The iron is hardened tool steel, the handles are Robinia and finished with oil. The whole chisel is about 24 cm long.

This is the chisel used to cut a small clearance into the wood at the end of the thread. You do this before you start chasing. Sharpening these chisels is done with a CBN or diamond file. Click here. click here.

Screw thread chasing

chasing the screw thread in wood is a concentrated job, but also addictive! Preferably use wood with a fine grain and preferably cross-grained. thread chasing works less well with woods with an open structure. Most suitable are Hedge and Stone Beech, Buxus, Cocobolo, Mahogany, Makore, Olive Wood, Ebony, Yew. If wood breaks out (because the structure is not very good, for example, or the wood type is less suitable), you can impregnate the wood in advance with oil. Turn the wood to thickness, start stroking, stop halfway and impregnate e.g. with this oil.

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