Set of Forstner drills and augers (6pcs)

Set of Forstner drills and augers (6pcs)


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Set of Forstner drills and augers

These Forstner drills have saw teeth with which the outside of the hole is sawn. This type of drill is designed to drill against the grain of the wood, i.e. drill on the crosscut side of the wood, but it also drills fine in MDF, hardwood and melamine. The saw teeth are easy to keep sharp with diamond files. The augers are no less than 20 cm long. This set is often used for making pepper mills. (other sizes are required for the Crushgrind mills on this website). The tip of the auger is a threaded drill bit. This causes the drill to pull itself into the wood. Be awar of that when using these drills on the lathe. Make sure the auger does not pull the chuck out of the quill.

6 piece set:

consists of: 20 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm Forstner drill and 7 mm and 24 mm Snake drill.


4 sawtooth forstner drills
2 auger drills
to grind
95mm long
shaft 10 mm.


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