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This is the best counter center that is for sale. 2 high quality bearings in a hardened casing are lubricated for life. Absolutely 0 comma 0 slack, good for years of top performance.   Click to EnlargeThe Oneway Live Center is made especially for wood turners. They have a cup center with threaded. The cupcenter is the only rotating part. The Cupcenter makes sure that the wood cannot be split when pressure is exerted. Several accessories can be turned on the thread (2 are supplied as standard). Available with a Morse cone 1.2 and 3 recording pins.

  • A full point can be turned on. (The classic shape of the counter center, the cone)
  • A larger hollow shape can be screwed up, a kind of funnel. This makes sure that the center of the wood look up is often no longer needed. The wood is automatically centered, provided the wood is sawn. This piece of help is also useful when turning balls.
  • There is optional a “Live Center adapter” available. This adapter (from 3/4 inch 10 TPI to M33 x 3.5) makes it possible for example to screw your four claw to the counter center.


The body is made with the highest preciezie technique of high quality alloy steel, has had a heat treatment and is “nickel plated”. All this makes sure that the center is rust resistant, strong and accurate.  This counter center is probably also the most expensive against center that you can find on the Internet, but it’s more than worth it!

  • Center point: This point is easy to replace if IE get damaged.
  • Bull Nose Cone: A reversible hollow point.
  • Full Point Cone: The traditional form of the counter center.
  • Knock Out Rod: A small hard metal stick that you use to replace the point and to fix the rotating part of the counter center all of you are running one of the accessories on it.

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