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//Demo The Mastodon, a bowl coring machine//

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//Now that is a Bowl Saver!!! Coring a bowl in seconds!//

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//Bowl Coring using the Oneway Easy Core//

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//The Woodcut Pro-Forme in action//

Video Thumbnail: Comparison of 4 grinding machines for wood turners

//Comparison of 4 grinding machines for wood turners//

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//Sawmilling logs into slabs//

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Head and shoulders

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Colored with my love

Burka bass

Lehrvideo video Burka Bass

ronald kanne

//Ronald Kanne een portret//

Burka bass

The Burka Bass

boom kappen

//Boom kappen//

iep voorgedraaide schaal

//Rough turning bowls//


Projectvideo //Bowlsaver//

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