download (29)

//Making a 3 minute spinning top on the lathe//

download (28)

//Making an acorn box with a thread chased cap//

download (27)

//Round stick planer//

download (26)

//Natural edge hollow form//

download (25)

//Mood owl//

download (24)

//Making a wobbling natural edged bowl//

download (23)

//Tiny triangle test tube vase, made out of spalted beech. (eccentric turning)//

download (21)

//Making a wooden wine Cooler. Shiny and waterproof//

download (18)


download (16)

//Design Bird Feeder//

download (14)

//How to make a square bowl on a lathe//

download (13)

//Salad bowl part two//

download (12)

//Salad bowl part 1 (rough turning in green wood)//

download (11)

//Woodturning a Xmas Angel with live music//

download (10)

//2 ways to turn a plate/dish/platter//

download (9)

//A little woodturning project. Takes half an hour, guaranteed succes//

download (8)

//Yew and Beau, Making something out of nothing//

download (3)

//Box with a threaded lid//

download (2)

//Turning a pepper mill//

download (1)

//80 mm boren op een draaibank//


Lehrvideo //Handvat draaien//

basis cursus houtdraaien

Lehrvideo //Schalen draaien//

opspannen video

Lehrvideo //Opspannen//

Woodcut 19 mm schalenguts

Lehrvideo Schalenröhre

CARP platte beitel 25 mm

Lehrvideo Ovalmeißel

CARP vormguts 16 mm

Lehrvideo Formröhre

afsteekbeitel video

Lehrvideo Abstechstahl

afruwguts video

Lehrvideo Schruppröhre

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