Sanding belt for Proedge ceramic 60 -120 -240 Grit

Sanding belt for Proedge ceramic 60 -120 -240 Grit


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sanding belt for the Robert Sorby Proedge.

Sanding belt with half open ceramic grit 120. Made for the Robert Sorby Proedge.

Other sanding belts for the Robert Sorby Proedge:

A perfect bevel on the chisel is not only to reach with a grinding stone. On a belt sander or linisher you can also do it. The advantage of grinding on a band sander is that the bevel that you grind is not hollow but flat. The advantage is that you can quickly change tires so that you can use a coarse grain for sharpening a chisel or grinding away any damage. A fine grain is used to maintain the sharpness of the chisel on a daily basis.

Aluminum oxide sanding tape aluminum oxide sanding tapes are most used. An Allround tire with a good price/quality ratio. Available in grain: 60, 120 and 240.

Zirconium Belt. This belt is specially designed for HSS chisels. Is available in the grits 60 and 120. Grain 60 is then of course for grinding the chisel and 120 grit for the finishing.

Trizact Belt.  A much sold band is the Trizact band. A sturdy belt designed to be able to grind all kinds of steel. For woodturning, Grain 600 already provides a sublime result. The belt may also be available in grain 1500 and 3000. This belt can be used for example after the aluminium oxide band 240 for a mirror bevel.

Ceramic Belt.  This belt is designed to take a lot of material quickly and is therefore particularly suitable for reshaping. Grain 60 quickly removes a lot of material and the finer grain 120 ensures a start of finishing the grinding.

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060 grit, 120 grit, 240 grit


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