Mastercut Spindel Gouge, 13 mm dubble ended by Oneway

Mastercut Spindel Gouge, 13 mm dubble ended by Oneway


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Mastercut Spindel Gouge 13 mm dubble ended spindel gouge.

This Oneway spindel gouge is made of HSS steel with a cobalt addition. This creates the steel called 2060 by Hamlet and Crown calls it Pro PM. It is a gouge that holds its sharpness for an extremely long time.

These gouges are about 36 cm long and come without a handle. So the gouges are longer than normal and can be used on 2 sides. They are usually used in a (Oneway) exchange handle.

When supplied, these gouges have a so-called classic profile of about 45 degrees on both sides.

Double Ended

A double ended gouge is more economical than buying 2 gouges. They are also handy if you go out a lot with your chisels, retracted into the handle they take up much less space. You could sharpen 1 side in a fingernail profile and the other side a sharper angle to finish.




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13 mm (3/8 inch), 16 mm (1/2 inch)


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