Powercap Active IP of JSP

Powercap Active IP of JSP

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Powercap face mask/air refresher/helmet.

The Powercap active IP is a face mask with air renewal and a helmet.  And yet it carries almost as comfortable as a cap. The whole is only 440 grams heavy and there is almost no engine sound to hear. This makes it possible to wear the face mask all day long. The Powercap works with overpressure. The thick polycarbonate face screen and the “helmet” naturally meet the strictest European standards. The small lithium ion battery keeps it about 8 hours full and can be loaded into a dock. The filters are easy to replace, literally in a jiffy. It is advisable to regularly check the filters on a daily basis, both visually and with the air tester and clean them if necessary, this can significantly prolong the lifespan. The filters work against fine dust, many fumes and fungi. Replace them on time. From this face mask also cheaper versions have come on the market. Compare them well before you go to purchase. For reserve Filters click here.


  • NEN EN 812: European Standard for “Bump Caps”
  • NEN EN 166 1 3 B: European Standard for face protection. 1 = sight, 3 = fluids and B = protection against impact of particles with high speed.
  • NEN 12941: European standard for air quality and quantity for respirators.


  • Powercap IP.
  • Driver Unit.
  • Lithium Ion battery.
  • Air flow tester.
  • Filters.
  • Guide.
  • 1 year warranty.


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