Thread chasing with the HOPE easy threading jig set of 3

Thread chasing with the HOPE easy threading jig set of 3

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Thread milling with the HOPE easy threading jig

Create three different threads with the same attachment. Always a suitable thread for your workpiece!

Making threads on your lathe has never been easier than with this threading jig. The cutter supplied goes into the spindle of your lathe and your workpiece is placed in the chisel holder with the attachment. By turning the spindle of the attachment, your workpiece slowly rotates past the cutter and a thread is milled. As standard, this attachment is available for tool rest holders (banjo) with a 1-inch and 30 mm take-up. If you have a different shaft thickness on your toolrest please let me know.

About the threading jig,

The Simon Hope threaded attachment is something you put together yourself. You have to choose from a number of things;

Thread. what is the thread of the square chuck you are using?
This set comes with M33 x 3.5.

Toolrest. What is the thickness of the insert of the chisel support?
you can choose 1 inch (25.4 mm) or 30 mm in the drop-down menu.

Thread. What is the thread you want to mill?
This set includes 3.5 mm,16 tpi, and 10 tpi as standard. (You only choose the pitch, as you decide the diameter. So you can make M33 x 3.5 but also M41.5 x 3.5) If you want this set with a different thread, please contact us.


This attachment is called the Easy-set threading jig. That’s because setting the attachment is very easy. Set the attachment exactly parallel to the bench bed, so that the milling cutter in the spindle of your lathe exactly touches the wall of your workpiece. You mill the depth of the thread in several passes. And you adjust the depth of the cutter in steps with the silver wheel. To mount the router on the spindle of the lathe, a holder is available, which comes standard with this set.


  • the attachment (with 1 inch or 30 mm post)
  • spindle with pitch 16 tpi
  • 10 tpi pitch spindle
  • spindle with pitch 3.5 mm
  • thread cutter
  • thread cutter extra small
  • Threaded cutter holder M33x 3.5 mm
  • suitcase lined with suitable foam
  • Video

Of course, I could explain it in full but a video is always easier. In the video below, Simon explains it himself.

Available threads:

If your quad chuck (chuck) has a thread other than M33 x 3.5 mm please let me know. These are the threads currently available.

3/4 x 16 TPI 16 and 12 tpi
1″ x 8″ TPI 16 and 12 tpi
M30 x 3.5 16 and 12 tpi
M33 x 3.5 full range
1 1/14 x 8 full range
1 1/2 x 6 tpi, 16 and 12 tpi

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25,4 mm (1 inch), 30 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm


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