Fluting Jig from Hope Woodturning

Fluting Jig from Hope Woodturning


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Fluting Jig from Hope Woodturning

With the Fluting Jig from Hope Woodturning, it becomes easy to rout accurate patterns into your workpiece. With its many adjustment options, the router jig, can be adapted to almost any workpiece. Use the jig to easily make decorative cuts and drills in bowls, balusters, columns, table legs, boxes, spheres and other turning work.


The Fluting jig is guided by hand over a plate fixed on the lathe bed. Milling and drilling machines with 65 mm and 43 mm neck diameters can be mounted in the device’s holder. The attachment is positioned with the clamped router so that the guide bushing touches the workpiece. The fluting jig is equipped with a spacer to determine the depth of the router. The spacer thus ensures that the milling depth is always the same. The spacer also features a fine adjustment for the milling depth. Recommended router bits, by Hope Woodturning: Draper 58349 or Makita RT0700. But any other router and/or drill bits with a 43 or 65 mm neck will also fit.

Paul Howard

If Paul had a “middlename” it would be “Jig”. He is a star at devising and implementing handy tools for making spheres, routing patterns, dividing circles etc. Paul is an avid woodturner himself. So he knows what is handy on the lathe. And you can really see that in his “jigs”.

in the package:

Router holder with base & guide rail
Clamp with reducer Ø 43 mm
Depth stop with spacer (wooden insert)
Threaded rod M6
2 Allen keys

In the video below, Stewart Furini shows how the Fluting jig works.


If your router does not have an exact 43 or 65 mm take-up, it is very easy to make your own ring and it acts as an adapter to the 43 or 65 mm hole.


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