CrushGrind Mini maalwerk

CrushGrind Mini maalwerk

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Crushgrind mini grinders

The Crushgrind Mini Mill grinders have been a household name for wood turners for several years now. But the grinders are also widely used by designers. Click here or here for a few examples. The ceramic grinder grinds both salt and pepper, but coffee beans can also handle it! The rod connecting the knob to the grinder is made of aluminum.  You adjust the grain size at the bottom of the grinder. And now there is also this Crushgrind Mini!

Crushgrind Mini

The Mini is of course also Danish design. The quality is as we are used to from the grinders. They are made because the “regular” Crushgrinds did not allow not a small and slim design. This criticism of the designers has now been tackled with the Mini. Click here for the sizes.


If you want to know the sizes of the holes to be drilled For the sizes, click here.


We have now also designed a drill for the Crushgrind Mini Mill. This allows you to drill the 3 diameters required to assemble the grinder in 1 go. Click here.


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