Burnishing Cream by Chestnut

Burnishing Cream by Chestnut


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Burnishing Cream

Burnishing Cream by Chestnut a a cream-like liquid with a very fine abrasive. Liquid abrasive / polish that can be used to polish surfaces finished with oil or varnish to a higher sheen.

With this cream, almost any hard finish can be polished to a higher gloss level. Oil and lacquer, of course, but also melamine lacquer and friction polish become even shinier after treatment with this polishing cream.

To get depth in the gloss, the following is sometimes done:

  • sand your workpiece to at least 400
  • use a sanding sealer
  • sand the sanding sealer with 600
  • spray a layer of melamine lacquer
  • polish with this cream
  • apply a layer of friction polish
  • post-treatment with burnishing cream

It seems like a huge job, but due to the short drying times of all the products, it is actually done in no time….


Use sparingly. Do not spread too much on the surface, this will not improve the final finish. Shake the bottle well before use. If the surface has been treated with burnishing cream, a subsequent coat of lacquer will not hold well on it. The content of the bottle is 500 ml.


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